PneumaPress® is an intermittent pneumatic compression system designed to increase the velocity of blood and decrease stasis within deep veins of patients with decreased mobility (whilst in hospital), therefore reducing the risk of DVT.

Air from the controller is delivered to the garments which, in the case of thigh, calf and boot styles, have 3 chambers. The air sequentially pressurises the chambers from 1st to 3rd chamber. This applies pressure to the legs and the veins within them, forcing blood up towards the heart.


PneumaPress® intermittent pneumatic compression system:

1 touchFeatures a 1-touch button system.

quiet Is small, lightweight, very quiet and easy to use.

cuff detectionHas an auto cuff(s) detection system.

batteryHas a battery back-up of up to 8 hours.

alarmsHas audio and visual alarms for cuffs, pressure and power.

digital readouts Gives digital readouts of selected cuffs and pressure cycle.

different cuffs Supports the use of different cuffs at the same time.

Other features include: 

  • Manual operation: selectable time interval and pressure settings.
  • Cycle time adjustable 24, 48 and 60 sec.
  • Pressure range: Leg 35-45 mm/hg Foot 130mm/hg.
  • 2 Channel pressure output allows 2 way Sequential Compression to garments (2 legs at same time).


PneumaPress® Garments:

  • Provide Sequential, Gradient, Circumferential compression to the legs.
  • Calf & Thigh garments have three chambers, foot garment has one.
  • Breathable material for comfort.
  • Easy to fit with simple connectors.
  • Disposable, single patient use.
  • Latex Free.
  • May be used with FITLEGS™ anti-embolism stockings.


Item Number Product Description NHS Code 
201000  DS011 – Thigh Cuff Small  EGD7614
201001  DS012 – Thigh Cuff Medium  EGD7615
201002  DS013 Thigh Cuff Large  EGD7616
201003  DS014 Thigh Cuff Extra Large  EGD7617
202000  DS021 Calf Cuff Small  EGD7618
202001  DS022 Calf Cuff Medium  EGD7619
202002  DS023 Calf Cuff Large  EGD7620
202003  DS024 Calf Cuff Extra Large  EGD7621
203000  DS031 Foot Cuff EGD7622
204000  DS041 Boot Cuff  EGD7623
205000  DS222 Calf Cuff Soft Sleeve Medium  N/A
205001  DS223 Calf Cuff Soft Sleeve Large  N/A
206000   DVT 2600 PneumaPress Pump  N/A
206001  PneumaPress Battery  N/A
206002  PneumaPress European Plug  N/A
206003  PneumaPress Power Leads N/A
206004  PneumaPress Tubing  EGD7635


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