Griff® Box Clinical Waste Storage Container

Our traditional clinical waste storage container is made from polystyrene which is approximately 20% lighter than comparable size clinical waste bins. The Griff® Box is available in 30, 50 and 60 litre sizes.

Griff® Box clinical waste storage container:

  • Is an ideal container for all types of infectious material.
  • With a lightweight construction, stacking is made easy.
  • Has a simple and effective closing mechanism.
  • Once sealed, will not-reopen.
  • Is approved to UN 3291.
  • Reduces disposal costs thanks to its lightweight construction.

We also offer a range of pedal frames which can accompany the Griff® Box. To view all our clinical waste accessories, click here.

Product Height Width Product Weight without Lid Product Weight with Lid Max Weight Capacity
Griff Box 30 Litres 330mm 400mm .75kg 1.1kg 12kg
Griff Box 50 Litres 490mm 400mm .96kg 1.3kg 15kg
Griff Box 60 Litres 600mm 400mm 1.03kg 1.39kg 18kg


Item Number Supply Chain Code Product Description Short Description
511000 FSL059 Griff Box, Square, Yellow – 50 litre Box 50Y
512000 FSL162 Griff Box, Square, Yellow – 30 litre Box 30Y
512000 FSL323 Griff Box, Square, Yellow – 60 litre Box 60Y
513000 Griff Box Lid Yellow


  • For information on the safe disposal of potentially hazardous clinical waste click here.
  • To view the 2012 Controlled Waste Regulations for England and Wales click here.

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