FITLEGS™  AES GRIP  (anti-embolism stockings) help to prevent the formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the legs by applying clinically proven graduated compression.* FITLEGS™  AES are designed to be simple to fit and apply, which reduces sizing errors and nursing time. G+N has developed an effective grip sole and applied it to our leading brand FITLEGS™ to create a complementary range of anti-embolism stockings, which assists hospitals in reducing the number of patients experiencing trips and falls.


Slips, trips and falls cost the NHS an estimated £2.3 billion a year** – a single fractured hip can cost the NHS as much as £4,603 and even “no harm” incidents are estimated to cost £41 per fall.***



Untitled         DUOFIT™ Technology provides a two-way stretch for easier application.

Untitled2           Single ankle measurement reduces nursing time when measuring patients.

Untitled4      Improved inspection hole design and placement for superior comfort.

Untitled5       Available in below knee and thigh length.

Untitled3       Four sizes within each length reduces inventory.

Untitled9         Colour coded packaging reduces time identifying correct size.

Untitled10            Darker colour (Teal) improves patient compliance.

Screenshot (238)          Anti-bacterial fabric for odour management.

Untitled7          Effective grip sole reduces slips, trips and falls.

Untitled8        Eliminates the need for extra grip socks to be applied.



*Independent Sigel Certification. Data on File.

*Sigel B., et al. Type of Compression for reducing Venous Stasis. Archives of Surgery. February 1975. Vol 110: 171-175.

**NICE. (2013). Falls in older people: assessing risk and prevention. Available:

***National Patient Safety Observatory, (2007). Slips, trips and falls in Hospital, NPSA.


The compression within the garment is highest at the ankle and reduces further up the leg. Pressure forces blood back towards the heart.


How it works

FITLEGS™ AES Grip Below Knee

Size Ankle Measurement  G+N Code NHS Code 
Slimline 16-19cm 403003
Small 19-23cm 402000  EGD8330
Medium  23-26cm 402001  EGD8331
Large  26-29cm  402002 EGD8332
Extra-Large  29-33cm 402003 EGD8333
Plus 33-35cm 403001

FITLEGS™ AES Grip Thigh Length



Size  Ankle Measurement  Maximum Thigh Measurement  G+N Code  NHS Code 
Small  19-23cm  65cm  402004 EGD8334
Medium 23-26cm  70cm  402005 EGD8335
Large  26-29cm 78cm  402006 EGD8336
Extra-Large  29-33cm  82cm  402007 EGD8337

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